Brilliant Technologies

What we do...

Brilliant Technologies has consultants with a broad range of Management and Technology experience.

Our practice includes professionals from the areas of senior management, finance, accounting, and project management. We are rich in experience and have a variety of industry backgrounds. Our unique understanding of how to use technology to enhance the bottom line is our way of delivering a tangible result.
By combining the talents and experience of consulting team, we can quickly justify and measure a project's true impact to the company. If you are a CEO needing an unbiased opinion about a project or a CIO looking to justify a new investment in technology, we have the resources and experience.

Brilliant Technologies provides business solutions that make sense

Clients retain us because we combine technical expertise with innovative leadership to address critical challenges, in both event-driven and long-term scenarios. Our unrivaled team of professionals delivers expertise born from experience.
Clients rely on unique analytical skills and problem solving ability that has evolved from decades of hands-on experience at every level. Whether vertical market or cross-discipline, our solutions are practical, sensible and sustainable.
Since business challenges never cease, our engagements often involve the role of trusted advisor. Numerous client relationships have endured through the turbulence of business and economic cycles. And many of our new engagements come from existing clients — a testament to our ability to consistently deliver results.


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