Governance and Compliance

A necessary evil?

Ten years ago, for many businesses, IT was relegated to a closet. It was considered a necessary evil, and nobody wanted to spend money on IT. Very often IT considerations were not even presented at the boardroom table.

Today, governance and compliance have replaced IT as the 'necessary evil'. Many businesses try to ignore governance in the hopes that it will go away. It is often presented as an unnecessary expense.

Consider a different viewpoint...


Governance frameworks provide a way to protect your business from lawsuits and fines. They can also help facilitate strategic planning and risk management.

There are a number of Governance and Standards frameworks for fraud prevention, protecting information and security.  Chances are, one or more of them affect your business.

We can help your company to become compliant, or maintain compliance through an in-depth assessment.  A key feature of our compliance assessments is the ability to distill regulatory speech into something that is easily understood by all in the organization.

Furthermore, we can help customize a framework for YOUR business.

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